Suzanne Adams has worked as an artist, educator, and community activist in Louisville KY since 1980 when she moved from Minneapolis MN. Suzanne built a strong reputation which rose to a national level in the 90’s - 2000‘s. Works made of multi-media, including cast fiber, paint, stoneware, wood, and steel, were presented at galleries, museums, and university exhibitions. During these years, Suzanne also introduced community-interactive installations of sculpture and sound to the Louisville public. 2004 marked the beginning of a seven year pause due to illness. 2011 marked Suzanne’s re-emergence as a sculptor working solely with ceramic media.

Current works are created in clay, a mold is formed in plaster, the original clay work is cast into stoneware, glazed with various effects , and fired to medium-high temperatures. Suzanne’s consummate devotion to her work has led to a range of new sculpture that is able to reach a deep place within each of us. 

Suzanne Adams graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA degree in sculpture/painting and the University of Louisville with a graduate degree in art education. Suzanne has held art and education positions at the Kentucky Arts Council; The Kentucky Foundation for Women; University of Louisville; Jefferson  Community College and Indiana University Southeast.

Work on display from Suzanne Adams A Retrospective at AA Clay Gallery

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